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Traditionally, this Symposium is organised by the Environmental Chemistry Division of the Serbian Chemical Society. During all these years, the Symposium has changed its names and names of the country, but managed to preserve quality, and enhance its significance to the scientific community and society as a whole. Researchers, scientists, and experts dealing with various aspects of environmental chemistry have recognized the opportunities the Symposium provides, a unique platform for sharing ideas, latest scientific achievements and technological innovations. This resulted in the increasing number of participants over the years. Thus, at the meeting held in 2015 at Palić, more than 170 contributions were presented, oral and poster presentations, with over 500 authors, from 18 countries.

Following in the footsteps of previous events, the Symposium held at Palić was characterized by a good organization, high quality of the presented contributions and a pleasant work atmosphere. Plenary lectures were always reserved for eminent scientists and experts, both from Serbia and abroad. At previous meetings, guests from various parts of the world took part – Japan, Russia, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Montenegro.

The Symposium was often accompanied by mini-symposia and roundtable discussions, with current and interesting topics. The same was at Palić in 2015, where a mini-symposium organized by the Academy Committee "Man and the Environment", Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, opened a discussion topic "Preservation of drinking water of Serbia". In addition, the 7th Symposium featured a roundtable discussion jointly by Japan and Serbia, entitled "Protection of the Environment without Borders", which resulted in the Palić Declaration.

We hope that raising the awareness of the importance of environmental protection will increase the importance of the research in this field, as well as of our Symposium.

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